Oxygen Eyewear: This one of a kind item will change everything.


Patients and family members alike testify that Oxy-View oxygen therapy eyewear provides


"Oh... I like these!"

"I'm a local criminal court judge and was very concerned about my appearance on the bench. Now with my new frames, many in the courtroom don't even realize that I am on oxygen."
...New York

"I was amazed at how wonderful my father appeared without the tubes of his continuous oxygen therapy clinging to his face. He's beautiful."

"The Oxy-View has opened a whole new world for me. I no longer feel self-conscious about how I look."

"I felt so much more comfortable being in public. The ease in dining out and not always being perceived as sick or handicapped by others was uplifting."
...Fort Worth, Texas

"My mother didn't even want to go to church anymore because she was so uncomfortable wearing her oxygen in public. Now she is eager to go."
...Kansas City

"I can't begin to tell you how I like them, the looks and confidence I feel about wearing them. I am no longer worried about going out in public and being embarrassed that everyone is staring at me."

"Already I'm getting second glances......Those are so cool! Human again!"

"I find the glasses to be so much more comfortable than a cannula...and this tubing doesn't get caught like my cannula does!"